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Quality Standard
Our Quality Policy
Ever Increasing Customer Satisfaction through:
  • Continuous Improvements in Product Quality
  • Meeting Complete Range of Customer Requirements
  • Delivery at Right Time Once & Always
  • Timely Communication
  • Motivated Staff & Work-force
  • Adherence to Set Standards
Responsibility Towards Enviornment
As a responsible member of the society and a caring corporate citizen, we are committed towards the protection of environment and betterment of human health in each area of our activities. While recognizing the influence our activities can have on the local environment in general and the society in particular, we shall make continuous efforts to fulfill the following principles during our day-to-day activities:
  • Control of emissions, effluents and waste disposal arising out of our manufacturing processes as per pre-defined and laid-down norms. Furthermore, such efforts will be continuously improved upon as newer and better treatment processes are made available.
  • Adopting means to avoid wastages and conserve energy.
  • Creating healthy work place to take care of the health of workers.
  • Compliance with statutory requirements.
  • Strive hard to enhance our reputation as an Environmentally Responsible Company.
Inspection & Test Facilities
  • Chemical Analysis Lab (in both Chandigarh & Mohali Plant Separately)
  • Ph Meter ( 0-14) 1 no.
  • Salt Spray Test Chamber 1 no.
  • Plating Thickness Checker (Digital: Mitutoyo) 1 no.
  • Hull Cell Test Apparatus 1 no.
Others (All Sections)
  • Hardness Tester (Rockwell Hardness Testers) 3 nos.
  • Compression Testing Machines 2 nos.
  • Metallurgy Microscope (100 - 1000 x) 1 no.
  • Vickers Hardness Tester (1 - 50 Kg.) 1 no.
  • Roughness Tester (Mitutoyo) 1 no.

  • Digital Non Contact Infrared Thermometers 2 nos.
  • Profile Projector 1 no.
  • Surface Plates 2 nos.
  • Height Gages
  • Vernier Calipers (Digital & Analogue)

  • Micrometers (Digital & Analogue)
  • Dial & Puppy Gages
  • A Variety of Receiver gages
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